Happy Dies Natalis Solis Invicti


Here we are again celebrating Christmas, Xmas, Winterval – whatever, let’s go with our American friends and call it “Holiday Season”.

Millions of people worshipping Mammon in the name of Jesus using an honest Pagan festival in temples of commerce built especially for this purpose.

At least the Pagans were just having a good old piss-up to celebrate the coming of the lighter days and easier times. I could imagine that winter in a yurt probably warrants a couple of parties!

Now? it’s just a huge marketing¬†exercise inciting people to buy tons of plastic shite for their kids and unneeded boxes of crap for people who don’t want, need or deserve any of it. The consumerist frenzy is a sad sight to behold. The Sellers of Shite¬†are desperate, “We have lots of shite that we can’t sell, here, have it for 95% off” – and the drones react as expected and buy all the shite thinking they’ve scored. But shite is shite whatever the price.

Sorry, it’s not “bah humbug” on my part – I’m advocating a return to a simpler more basic celebration. This should be a time for mending fences and strengthening friendships. A time to look back and ask ourselves if we did good. We need to get back to an appreciation of the simple good things of life. So, count me in on the piss up just leave me out of the hypocrisy and greed.

I remember when Hogmanay was much more important in Scotland. I miss the thrill of The New Year (and the extended festivities!). Even that’s become a commercialised “event”. Who would want to be in Edinburgh at New Year FFS!? Surrounded by hoorays up from The Smoke to “do” Edinburgh at New Year. Fuck that.

Anyway I wish you a very happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate and all the very best for 2015.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!